Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Training

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction training (MBSR) was developed to help people with chronic health problems, in order to give them tools to manage their symptoms and to take a better care of themselves. Today MBSR training is advised for those who would like reduce stress in their life by learning how to respond to the life events responsibly instead of reacting impulsively, how to take better care of themselves but also how to live more in the moment and step out from their auto pilot more often.

MBSR training consists of 8 sessions (2,5 hour each) and one silence day.

The topics of the sessions:

Session 1: Automatic pilot

Session 2: Dealing with obstacles and challenges

Session 3: Getting to know your boundaries

Session 4: The landscape of stress

Session 5: Responding to stress with awareness

Session 6: Thoughts are not facts

Session 7: How can I take better care of myself?

Session 8: How to use what I have learned?

During the sessions we use different exercises to train the mind, such as siting and walking meditation or bodyscan:''sweeping through the body with the mind''. The purpose of the exercises is to observe any experience we might have from moment to moment. By observing each moment we can learn something about ourselves and about our reactivity to the experience.

In general we can say that MBSR helps to improve the quality of life. By training the mind through the meditation and concentration exercises, MBSR can help you to bring more clarity and more awareness into your life.

Mother and a Child

Mindful with Your Baby Training

Mindful with your Baby Training consists of eight weekly group sessions. It involves a mixture of meditation practices and daily mindfulness exercises.


Just like in a Mindfulness Training without babies, you will be asked to apply mindfulness techniques in your daily activities and practice mindfulness meditations between sessions.


Online Mindful with your Baby Training - is this possible?


Yes, it is!


Parents attend the training together with their babies and another adult. This allows the parent to focus on the exercises while other adult can ensure safety of the baby.



Impact of the Mindful with your Baby Training


The Mindful with your Baby Training is well researched by the University of Amsterdam.

Mothers (only mothers participated in the research) feel a stronger bond with their baby after having participated in the training. Babies are like sponges feeling what their moms feel. When the mothers meditate and feel more relaxed, the babies respond in a very positive way. Just to give you an example, babies who have never slept anywhere but in their cot, started sleeping during the training session. As the babies join the training session, mothers learn to apply mindfulness directly in a real life situations, like when the baby is crying, for example.

The Mindful with your Baby Training can help to relieve parental stress and improve mother–child interactions.

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